Visual artist Sanae Takahata unveils new work, all of which pulsate with waves of energy & color at Kyoto's Honen-in Temple. On exhibit in the 411 year old Hojo room (rarely opened to the public) will be 16 large oil paintings, 20 dress shaped objects and head pieces.

●Sponsored by the Honen-in Temple, Kyoto with support from Tokyo Taiyo Kogei Co., Ltd.

Talk Session : Wednesday, July 12, 2006 at Honen-in Temple 6:00PM~8:00PM
Guest Speakers: Chizuko Ueno (Tokyo University Professor of Sociology)
and Rebecca Jennison (Kyoto Seika University Department of Humanities Professor) Navigator: Sanae Takahata

Photo by : Mikito Tanaka

Photo by : Yoko Taguchi

" WEAR ME " 2006
at Honen-in Temple kyoto
copyright 2007 Sanae Takahata

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WEAR ME Exhibition